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15 Dec

So, I’ve realized it has been a few posts short of my dislikes lately.  When it comes to expressing my opinion towards something I don’t like, I can be unrelenting – I know – but that is the beauty of having an opinion at all; gives diversity.  Recently I’ve been witnessing some extremes when it comes to dressing in trend.  In a post I wrote, Peek-a-boo, I See You, I mentioned “a little bit goes a long way” when dealing with certain trends.  I feel the need to get this off my chest, to release some steam and the knotted monster of an opinion I have for these looks you’re about to observe.  Granted they are, well I should say some are, not OMG over the top – looney tune, however, I still can’t dig them and still don’t understand them.


Military:  I am not against the military look.  I have a military inspired jacket myself, hence the word inspired.  This is taking the sense of the word (completely ignoring it) and directly taking it off the coat rack.  Neglecting how we use and pull inspiration and deciding to go abruptly to the source, can make a shleppy appearance.  Do I get the pieces individually – yes. It’s what I don’t get when putting them all together.


Patterns: Print on print is all over the place as we know.  Though it is not in the right place here.  The dress is like a rug pinned together with an obnoxious (though adorable on its own) quilted jacket.  But I suppose when you have those garments pieced together, why not throw in a total left fielder; the bag and shoes.


Wedge Sneakers: OK, OK.  I understand how some of us would want to create a deception of our height.  But don’t cover it up with a bulky moon shoe.  Keep it old fashion and slip on a real wedge/heel.  It’s like getting a spray tan and saying its all natural.


Sheer: Do I really have to say anything…?

wide pocket shorts

Wide Pocket Shorts: This is a little too literal for the “wide pocket” shorts.  I adore the color, the simplicity and the structure (if toned down … a lot). I understand the appeal for creating curves, especially in the hip region.  Everyone loves an hour glass figure, though no woman in their right mind would want to pack on the extra fabric around what is already a self-conscious area for most females.


Low Heel? More like NO HEEL!

3 Dec

As I started thinking about what to write for this blog post, I was truly at a loss for words. My thoughts were beyond scattered and I just wanted to word vomit all over the monitor. All I wanted to do was scream, UGLY UGLY UGLY! But let me put some substance behind my feelings towards these – excuse me when I say – chode-like-heels. What I am not understanding (especially for us 5 foot 5 or shorter ladies) is why you would jam on a heel that does NOTHING to elongate your legs or amp up your height. Isn’t that the point of a heel? I understand that some women (and men) don’t prefer to wear such high of heels, so I suggest if you can’t/refuse to wear high heels then stick to a cute flat or comfy wedge. Otherwise, isn’t it just defeating the point? A heel is suppose to not only make an obnoxious clicking noise to make your presence known but to also create the illusion of a taller version of you. I think it’s safe to say that when a woman wears heels, it illustrates confidence and power. So to have these low heels come into play seems to be a 180* of why we wear HIGH heels at all.


Ok – lets not focus on the off-putting leggings/sock duo and the fact that this model’s foot is hanging off the edge, but focus on the heel itself. Did I say heel? Where? This heel couldn’t be any bigger than my pinky finger. The shoe has potential, we can all see that. However, with a stub for a heel…just makes no sense.

[Designer: Chloe]

How awe-inspiring could this shoe be? I see a definite wedge shoe with a flowing dress or skirt. To have constructed such a fanciful shoe only to then tac on a (what looks like) wood chip heel, will never make sense to me.