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15 Dec

So, I’ve realized it has been a few posts short of my dislikes lately.  When it comes to expressing my opinion towards something I don’t like, I can be unrelenting – I know – but that is the beauty of having an opinion at all; gives diversity.  Recently I’ve been witnessing some extremes when it comes to dressing in trend.  In a post I wrote, Peek-a-boo, I See You, I mentioned “a little bit goes a long way” when dealing with certain trends.  I feel the need to get this off my chest, to release some steam and the knotted monster of an opinion I have for these looks you’re about to observe.  Granted they are, well I should say some are, not OMG over the top – looney tune, however, I still can’t dig them and still don’t understand them.


Military:  I am not against the military look.  I have a military inspired jacket myself, hence the word inspired.  This is taking the sense of the word (completely ignoring it) and directly taking it off the coat rack.  Neglecting how we use and pull inspiration and deciding to go abruptly to the source, can make a shleppy appearance.  Do I get the pieces individually – yes. It’s what I don’t get when putting them all together.


Patterns: Print on print is all over the place as we know.  Though it is not in the right place here.  The dress is like a rug pinned together with an obnoxious (though adorable on its own) quilted jacket.  But I suppose when you have those garments pieced together, why not throw in a total left fielder; the bag and shoes.


Wedge Sneakers: OK, OK.  I understand how some of us would want to create a deception of our height.  But don’t cover it up with a bulky moon shoe.  Keep it old fashion and slip on a real wedge/heel.  It’s like getting a spray tan and saying its all natural.


Sheer: Do I really have to say anything…?

wide pocket shorts

Wide Pocket Shorts: This is a little too literal for the “wide pocket” shorts.  I adore the color, the simplicity and the structure (if toned down … a lot). I understand the appeal for creating curves, especially in the hip region.  Everyone loves an hour glass figure, though no woman in their right mind would want to pack on the extra fabric around what is already a self-conscious area for most females.


Mix It Up

9 Dec

Pattern-on-pattern has been around for quite some seasons now, whether it has been acknowledged or not. It use to be such a taboo to have different types of prints combined together to pull off one cohesive piece. Not anymore. It seems we have embraced the different prints and deemed them “so chic.” I love the mixing and matching of things. It is in some ways, very whimsical layering different patterns on one another. On most days I am extremely plain Jane and love my structured looks, but when I am feeling optimistically flamboyant, I envelop myself in a mass of prints to emulate my mood.


I understand the color palette of this jumper is not-so-current with the winter season but put that aside for right now. This is a prime example of how putting together different patters and colors can work for pulling off a look. I love how versatile this can be. You can either go casual or dressy. (e.g. how cute would a white or pastel colored blazer be with this jumper?)


Sliding into a printed kimono makes this outfit look and feel so effortless. Having the blue in the bustier and the blue in the kimono, it’s like these two pieces were a match made in heaven.


Don’t limit yourself to just mixing and matching patterns. Try mixing different materials as well. It gives the outfit a more textured look but more importantly, an interesting look :).