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Liebster Award

16 Dec


So, I woke up this morning to a lovely surprise.  Natasha & Nensi, two amazing bloggers of FreeUrCloset, nominated my blog for the Liebster Award.  A Liebster award is given to new bloggers who have less than 200 followers, to give them recognition, encouragement and to help the rest of the blogging community discover their exceptional blogs.  N-n-N has asked me to answer some questions about my Likes and how I took up an interest in blogging.  There is nothing I would rather be doing then shedding a little light on to who and what “Cups” is really about.

1.) What are you Passionate about?

Whenever I am asked “what are you passionate about,” or “what are your passions,” I am always thrown by the question.  There are many things that I am passionate about but if I had to choose just one, it would be writing.  Although I’ve studied fashion and love to know everything about the world it is in, my true love is creative writing.  Wow, I think this is a breakthrough.  I’ve never narrowed it down before.  Now, you and I both know 😉

2.) What is the favorite item in your closet?

No brainer.  My shoes!  I have quite a collection of high heels (mostly wedges) that I’ve collected in the past two years.  When I say collected, I truly mean it in every sense of the word.  Usually when shopping for heels I do it in bulk, 5,6,9 pairs at a time.  I know – crazy – but what is even crazier is that I’m also all about my plain Jane, Old Navy $5 sandals.  Since I live in warm weather climates and as much as I love to wear my heels, I find it much more practical to slap on my sandies and call it a day.  My poor heels sit along side each other just waiting for that special day when they can be worn.

3.) What was your favorite fashion trend in 2012?

There is more than one trend that comes to mind; however, a specific one that does is the stud trend.  I’m obsessed with studs/spikes on shoes, clothing, jewelry pieces, etc.  It’s just a Lady Gaga thing (in my opinion) to rock!

4.) What would be your dream job?

As I continue to explore my career options, I find it more difficult tapering it down.  A dream job I would love to have, has to be the ultimate goal most people desire – being my own boss.  As far as narrowing that down even more, it’s still unknown to me.  I am only 23 (as of today) and I feel there is so much more to still learn out there, but what I really want above all things, is to learn more about myself.

5.) Who is your fashion idol?

A woman, who I’ve recently picked as a person to watch, is Victoria Beckham.  I browse her collections every season and I find myself relating to her taste more and more.  I love my solid colors, my layered looks and my structured garments.  Victoria speaks loud and clear to me and she is definitely in my back pocket for people to be inspired by.

6.) What is your favorite day of the week and why?

SUNDAY!  It’s the national day of lazy.  First of all, who doesn’t like a weekend day?  Secondly, Sunday is a day to recharge.  Recharge as in, sleeping in, pampering one’s self, a huge movie day, football all day, etc.  Sunday is a day to do whatever you want while having no time frame in the day to do so.

7.) How did you come up with your Blog’s title?

Well, I am all about the corky phrases/sayings.  Anyone who knows me knows I like to not only make up my own phrases, but I love to make up things that don’t (by dictionary) make sense. My Cup (or not) Of Tea means: My Likes or Dislikes.  I found the title extremely appropriate.  It’s straight forward and to the point without being too literal.

8.) How did you get into blogging?

I tried blogging a few years back but for one reason or another it never really took off for me.  I was definitely not into it as much as I am now, and when I was sitting at work one day, I thought I would give it another shot.  I wanted to take it more seriously because I feel I had to get my opinions out on certain thing and trends.  I’m glad I was able to stick with it and it’s still going strong!

9.) What is your absolute favorite color?

It’s funny; my sister asked me that very question yesterday afternoon.  My response: “I don’t have a favorite color but I do prefer the natural/earth tone colors (e.g. browns, tans, whites, greens, greys, blacks, etc.)  Yes, I know Dee, I’m complicated.”  Her response: “OMG.”

10.) What is your favorite holiday?

Christmas, of course!  It’s the ultimate holiday in my eyes.  With my birthday so close to Christmas day, it’s a blast of celebration during the whole month of December.  If you couldn’t guess, I love the month of December in general.

11.) What is your New Year’s resolution?

Simple.  To keep Blogging.

Thanks again Natasha & Nensi of FreeUrCloset!  Looks like it is my turn to pass along the torch of the Liebster Award to 11 new bloggers.  Check out the blogs below that I’ve chosen to win this award.

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Voulez – vous polish avec moi?

Now, it’s your turn my fellow bloggers!  Answer these questions (if you wish) and let us know a little bit about you.


1.) How do you define fashion/style?

2.) What is your favorite season?

3.) Who inspires you?

4.)  Why do you blog the things you blog?

5.) What is your one basic essential you CANNOT live without?

6.) What are you most proud of?

7.) If you had to dress casual or dressy for everyday of the rest of your life, how would you dress and why?

8.) What is a dream you hope to acquire during your lifetime?

9.) If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?

10.) What fashion style do you consider a classic?

11.) What did you ask Santa for Christmas this holiday?

Leave me a comment on this post after you have answered all 11 questions so I and all the others looking can take a peek into the life of your blog and the blogger behind it.  And remember: pass on the Liebster Award to 11 newbie bloggers!

PS – Always and forever – Happy Blogging 🙂



“There Will Be Blood.”

5 Dec

Oxblood that is.  Does any shade of red truly go “out of season”?  Move aside generic browns, tans, greens and (even) blacks.  Oxblood is playing hard ball this season.  I’m glad the emphasis is on the deeper reds this winter.  As much as I love bright and colorful things, I also LOVE dark rich colors.  Although, I suppose I am biased toward the color since my hair and eyes are on the darker side.  Darker tones always seems to compliment those features more so than the lighter one’s do…in my opinion anyway. 



I love baggy knits.  It’s so forgiving and comfortable all while appearing effortlessly stylish.


Ooh, a gel nail in red/black.  Don’t get your hands too dirty!


Don’t be threatened, it’s only a leather jacket ;).  And can we please note the drop chandelier earrings! A-dor-ABLE.


What a bootie!  That’s all I have to say.