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The Perfect Wrapping

13 Dec

Yep.  It’s that time of year ladies and gents.  This is one thing I love about winter time, scarves.  Not only does it keep you cozy and warm but it decorates the “tree” it’s on – you!  Even though I am in the land of stars and sun this holiday, it’s no excuse to leave out the essentials for the season.   If I can’t find an accessory piece to throw around my neck, the next best thing would have to be my scarves.  An impressive thing about scarves; they can be used for different variations of style.  For instance, head wraps, shaw-like covers, etc.  Make sure your wardrobe has the winter’s favorite and express yourself in many ways you see fit to wrap!


*Bulky knit Forever 21 scarf

*Silk Deloom Scarves


*Leopard twist head scarf


*H&M infinity knit scarf


*Alexander McQueen silk scarves