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Street Smarts

2 Mar

I can’t believe I’ve been out of the blogging world for almost two months – not good.  I’ve been so busy packing/unpacking, moving across country and familiarizing myself with my new surroundings that I’ve forgotten that blogging is a selective hobby of mine.  Well, now that I’ve settled into my new home (NJ) I can finally get back to blogging my little heart out of things I like and not-so-like.

Being on a cross country road trip makes you think about things you might have never really thought about before.  New places, new people, new beginnings, old places, old people, old resolutions.  As your new journey beings, you start to prioritize certain things that are important in your life.  A New Years resolution you might say.  Things that are most beautiful (in their on way) – take note.  I’m becoming more observant and more alert of what is around me.

As I peruse through my daily reads, I came across a section from Style.com by Tommy Ton that jogged my thought process. I must have gone through the slideshow about a dozen times, dazed and far from confused.  I’m charmed by the woman he captures through his lens.  Your every-day-woman that strides through the streets of your neighborhood, bold and luminous, makes me appreciate how women’s fashion has developed over the decades.

Simple and sweet; for your viewing pleasure, I give you Tommy Ton’s eyes through a lens…









Lock Me Up…

4 Jan

Stripes, stripes and more stripes!  A recognizable trend happening in the new year is the ever elongating vertical stripe.  Horizontals are definitely on point for this year, however, verticals are always more flattering.  I realize that the print can register either way; inmate or absolutely great.  I like the combination of both.  But my personal favorite has to be the thought, Where Is Waldo? I love that while wearing such a simple print like stripes, you can stick out like a sore thumb – good or bad.  Vertical stripes can be forgiving when you allow it to.  With such a dominate direction of the vertical line, you need to be able to translate a well sense of guidance throughout the garment(s).  I wouldn’t recommend combining the two (horizontal and vertical) since your eye doesn’t know in which way to look.  So, whether you want the just-rolled-out-of-jail look or the look-at-me, 2013 is your year ;).


[Marc Jacobs: SP’13 RTW Look 4]


[Marc Jacobs: SP’13 RTW Look 6]


[Marc Jacobs: SP’13 RTW Look 19]


[Michael Kors: SP’13 RTW Look 21]


[Tommy Hilfiger: SP’13 RTW Look 2]


[Tommy Hilfiger: SP’13 RTW Look 4]


[Tommy Hilfiger: SP’13 RTW Look 14]

Beautiful Blogger Award

3 Jan

ImageWhat a nice surprise to see this morning!  Lisa of, Mademoiselle Snow, did me the honor of  presenting my blog with The Beautiful Blogger Award.  Though I must say, she is a beautiful blogger herself.  I only just started blogging back in October of ’12 and I love how the blogging community supports one another.  It gives me motivation to keep writing what I am writing and to be inspired by the bloggers around me.  So, thank you Miss Lisa for your constant support and the nomination because without followers like you, this blog would not exist.

In addition to the award, I am asked to give 7 facts about me:

1.) I collect magazine (and actually read them)

2.) I am a complete romantic and I don’t care that it’s cheesy

3.) I love taking my daily naps

4.) I don’t lie when I say, I am a tad impatient when it comes to something I want.

5.) I’m a huge movie buff

6.) I love McDonald’s and I’m not ashamed to say it

7.) My new food craze right now is Indian food (chicken tikka marsala to be exact)

Now, the passing of the torches…


The Dressing Room

Gold on Black 



The Secret Polaroid