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The More, The Merrier

3 Dec

Talk about a cluster … well, you know ;). If you have a free arm this holiday, use it. There is nothing more eye catching than light reflecting on your gold, silver and (my personal favorite this season) rose gold accessories. I’m a big fan of piling it all on when it comes to bracelets, so I’m definitely going all out for the 24th and 25th this year. I can’t decide if I want to wear the gold, silver or rose gold accessories though. But then again, what’s the point of limiting yourself to just one arrangement of metal? The more the merrier!










Dripping In … Pearls?

2 Dec

Diamonds might be a girls best friend or even forever but move aside sparkling lights, hello pearly whites. The pearls are making their way to center stage and not just as accessories but as accents on garments and even for your nails! A pearl represents beauty, purity and above all femininity.


I love the softness this piece exudes. Beautifully soft white cashmere with drops of white pearls to accent the shoulders. It is the perfect Christmas/New Years sweater.


Look at this detailing! Gold and white pearls? Please and thank you!


Now, I’m not too crazy about the straight all-pearl-necklace (though it’s growing on me) my respects to Ms. Chanel. But I love how bold the pearls are in this piece. It creates a dramatic feel with both chains and pearls intertwined.


Cute! So dainty and precious. They’re like little dot candies for your finger nails :).


When did decking out your hair go out of style? I’d like to see it come back…in a big way. These pearl pins are such a cute number to top off a look.

Gold Rush

26 Oct

Gold, gold and more gold!  The 2013 RTW (accessories) Paris fashion shows were topped up to the brim with gold accessories.  From earrings to handbags, and handbags to shoes, gold was definitely in stock.




Aurelie Bidermann makes me want to dress up like a royal Greek Goddess this Halloween!  Can you picture it? A head full of gold.  Yes, I can definitely picture it.  Aurelie Bidermann?  You mean, King Midas.  Because this season is all about turning things into gold.




Eddie Borgo has the capacity and eye when it comes to making engaging and alluring pieces.  Borgo’s  pieces are bold and alive with geometry.  I can see it now.  A whole raiment built around a rubik’s cube shaped necklace.  Nothing screams BOLD like having blocks around ones neck.





LANVIN!  Ah, my favorite.  On point I see…once again.  These handbags have to be my favorite, I must say.  OK, OK, I am a tad biased but can you blame me?  Each piece from his accessory line makes a statement in and of itself.  With these pieces, there is no need to dress up…you dress DOWN!  You make Lanvin front and center.  You are a canvas and Lanvin is your painter.  Pose.



Oh, Mr. McQueen.  It is never a dull moment when surfing through his collections.  Pure insanity, illusion and radical thoughts within his lines.  GENIUS.  A designer that needs no intro, for his pieces speak for himself.  A magnificent knuckle clutch that puts the badass in cute is something every girl with a little hint of daring needs.





The epitome of fine tailoring and structure, I present to you, Yves Saint Laurent.  With the simplicity of well crafted art, Laurent knows how to keep things elegant with a slight edge.  What’s so great about all four elements? You are able to group them together without going over board. Keep true to the Saint and paint yourself with the basics while piling on all the necessities!