Peek-A-Boo, I See You

11 Dec

It’s inconceivable to think that just a few years back, sheer was anything but in vogue or sophisticated.  Sheer fabrics are ruling all over the catwalks and on the streets.  Is it provocative – maybe.  Is it revolutionary – absolutely.  Whenever I wear a sheer piece, it always seems to put me in a playful mood.  On the other hand, it is a fashion that you must tread lightly with.  Too much is, well, too much.  A little bit goes a long way when dealing with this distinct fabric.  I adore the pastel colors for this garment because it is an appropriate hue for such a light and airy material.  You can be covered up from head to toe but when the outfit of choice is sheer, you’ll undoubtedly give off a tasteful view of what is really you.




Leather, Leather (never) Go Away

10 Dec

I’m at a crossroads when it comes to outerwear.  There is so many different styles to choose from, I honestly don’t ever know where to begin.  In the past seasons of the parka, trench, fur and long coats being red hot – during their respectful moments – was considerable.  With the spring season of big, over sized, convex coats, I think I’ll stay true to my mini leather jacket for awhile.  It’s always my answer when I need my prayers heard.  The leather jacket is definitely in my book of the classics along side the little black dress (of course) and that Lanvin doctor bag, a couple posts back ;).


[Diesel Black Good]




[Haider Ackermann]


This has got to be my favorite spin on the leather jacket.  Studs (for some reason) always remind me of Lady Gaga.  So I like to call this piece, “The Gaga.”

In true biker form, the waist line strap definitely gives the rebel edge I always desire when wearing a leather jacket.  Let’s face it, the “bad girl thing” is ALWAYS in.

Mix It Up

9 Dec

Pattern-on-pattern has been around for quite some seasons now, whether it has been acknowledged or not. It use to be such a taboo to have different types of prints combined together to pull off one cohesive piece. Not anymore. It seems we have embraced the different prints and deemed them “so chic.” I love the mixing and matching of things. It is in some ways, very whimsical layering different patterns on one another. On most days I am extremely plain Jane and love my structured looks, but when I am feeling optimistically flamboyant, I envelop myself in a mass of prints to emulate my mood.


I understand the color palette of this jumper is not-so-current with the winter season but put that aside for right now. This is a prime example of how putting together different patters and colors can work for pulling off a look. I love how versatile this can be. You can either go casual or dressy. (e.g. how cute would a white or pastel colored blazer be with this jumper?)


Sliding into a printed kimono makes this outfit look and feel so effortless. Having the blue in the bustier and the blue in the kimono, it’s like these two pieces were a match made in heaven.


Don’t limit yourself to just mixing and matching patterns. Try mixing different materials as well. It gives the outfit a more textured look but more importantly, an interesting look :).

Not Your Average Jo

8 Dec

Hello miss Jo.  Dannijo that is.  When I first laid eyes on Dannijo’s jewelry line, it wasn’t by accident.  A dear friend of mine who worked for the line, sat me down to show me – what I like to call, the BOLD and the BEAUTIFUL, collection.  I was taken back on how intricate and costume-like all the pieces in the collection were.  There is nothing dainty about Dannijo’s line and thank God for that!  We all seem to choose outfits to build a look around but with the accoutrements Dannijo provides, we should all be building looks around the jewelry piece itself.  With their first ever pop-up shop now open in Nolita (North of Little Italy, NYC), we googly-eyed wishful consumers can purchase our very own Dannijo piece!


[“Costella – Oxidized brass plated necklace. Made with Swarovski Elements.”]


[“Viv – Wood beads entangled with oxidized brass chain.”]


[“Traina – Made with Swarovski Elements.”]


[“Pammy – Oxidized brass or silver plated cuff.  Malleable.  Made with Khabarovsk Crystals.”]


[“Alamo – Oxidized silver plated cuff.  Malleable.”]


[“Daniela – Malleable.  Made with Swarovski Elements.”]


[“Esme – Made with Swarovski Elements.  Oxidized brass plated earrings.”]


[“Radley – Oxidized brass plated earrings.  Made with Swarovski Elements.”]


[“Mariella – Made with Swarovski Crystals.”]


[“Spilk – Oxidized brass plated ring.”]


[“Lucas – Made with Swarovski Element.”]


[“Vix – Made with Swavorski Elements.”]


7 Dec

Let’s just say, women do it better.  As I do my weekly browse on the Spring RTW collections, a big statement is being made for us women.  The pantsuit has been around since the 1920’s and those women who so daringly replicated the suit, made way for the modern women of today.  A woman who dresses for success, is success.  A pantsuit comes across as intelligent, no nonsense, get-the-job-done and in some respect, intimidating.  The designers who so graciously portray how we women should be looked upon, is definite this season.  Though some I would probably never dare to try and wear,  I feel all of these looks are more then just fabrics, they are more then just pieced together patterns, they are a symbol of the now.  They are a representation of how far women have come.  So let’s thank those women who so bravely wore the ensemble that (back then) was only seen as masculine.


[Theyskens’ Theory – Look 12]


[Victoria Beckham – Look 4]


[Neil Barrett – Look 8]


[Neil Barrett – Look 3]


[Mulberry – Look 31]


[Jonathan Saunders – Look 30]


[Christian Dior – Look 1]


[Balmain – Look 27]


[Balmain – Look 1]


[Pedro Lourenco – Look 6]

The Doctor’s In The House

6 Dec

Move aside summer satchel; the doc is here to diagnose your fall trend. To the untrained eye, a bag is a bag – right? Wrong. We fashion doers and jet setters really have an intuitive eye for designs and concepts, so we embrace the title of the doctor handbag. We get it. Constructed, bold and modern, three qualities we all want in a well-made handbag.


[Lanvin Doctor Bag: in black]

This is definitely the cream of the crop right here. For those who wouldn’t look twice at this beautifully crafted handbag, shame on you. As I’ve gushed before, Lanvin can do no wrong in my eyes. This calf skin leather bag is an essential for your fall wardrobe because like the little black dress, this is your little black bag :).


[MIU MIU Madras Doctor Bag]

Wouldn’t this just go great with the, “There Will Be Blood” blog? Miu Miu kills two birds with one stone on this pretty little thing. I love the color and I love the short double handle, but what really checks all my boxes, is the detachable shoulder strap.


[ASOS Felt Doctors Bag]

Santa, Santa, Santa! Please? I’ve been such a good girl this year! Lets talk about the affordability: at $106, this bag is a no brainer. Get it because you’re obsessed, or grab it just for the sake of having it, because you know as well as me that this is one of those go-to handbags that you will regret not buying. Especially when you have no other bag to turn to!


[DUNE “deaney” leather doctors bag]

Navy and gold never made a better match. I can eat up this gold trim all day long. Along with, Lanvin’s handbag, this is another essential for your casual and work attire. I love how the high double handles have the belt affect incorporated in it as well.

“There Will Be Blood.”

5 Dec

Oxblood that is.  Does any shade of red truly go “out of season”?  Move aside generic browns, tans, greens and (even) blacks.  Oxblood is playing hard ball this season.  I’m glad the emphasis is on the deeper reds this winter.  As much as I love bright and colorful things, I also LOVE dark rich colors.  Although, I suppose I am biased toward the color since my hair and eyes are on the darker side.  Darker tones always seems to compliment those features more so than the lighter one’s do…in my opinion anyway. 



I love baggy knits.  It’s so forgiving and comfortable all while appearing effortlessly stylish.


Ooh, a gel nail in red/black.  Don’t get your hands too dirty!


Don’t be threatened, it’s only a leather jacket ;).  And can we please note the drop chandelier earrings! A-dor-ABLE.


What a bootie!  That’s all I have to say.

The More, The Merrier

3 Dec

Talk about a cluster … well, you know ;). If you have a free arm this holiday, use it. There is nothing more eye catching than light reflecting on your gold, silver and (my personal favorite this season) rose gold accessories. I’m a big fan of piling it all on when it comes to bracelets, so I’m definitely going all out for the 24th and 25th this year. I can’t decide if I want to wear the gold, silver or rose gold accessories though. But then again, what’s the point of limiting yourself to just one arrangement of metal? The more the merrier!










Low Heel? More like NO HEEL!

3 Dec

As I started thinking about what to write for this blog post, I was truly at a loss for words. My thoughts were beyond scattered and I just wanted to word vomit all over the monitor. All I wanted to do was scream, UGLY UGLY UGLY! But let me put some substance behind my feelings towards these – excuse me when I say – chode-like-heels. What I am not understanding (especially for us 5 foot 5 or shorter ladies) is why you would jam on a heel that does NOTHING to elongate your legs or amp up your height. Isn’t that the point of a heel? I understand that some women (and men) don’t prefer to wear such high of heels, so I suggest if you can’t/refuse to wear high heels then stick to a cute flat or comfy wedge. Otherwise, isn’t it just defeating the point? A heel is suppose to not only make an obnoxious clicking noise to make your presence known but to also create the illusion of a taller version of you. I think it’s safe to say that when a woman wears heels, it illustrates confidence and power. So to have these low heels come into play seems to be a 180* of why we wear HIGH heels at all.


Ok – lets not focus on the off-putting leggings/sock duo and the fact that this model’s foot is hanging off the edge, but focus on the heel itself. Did I say heel? Where? This heel couldn’t be any bigger than my pinky finger. The shoe has potential, we can all see that. However, with a stub for a heel…just makes no sense.

[Designer: Chloe]

How awe-inspiring could this shoe be? I see a definite wedge shoe with a flowing dress or skirt. To have constructed such a fanciful shoe only to then tac on a (what looks like) wood chip heel, will never make sense to me.

Dripping In … Pearls?

2 Dec

Diamonds might be a girls best friend or even forever but move aside sparkling lights, hello pearly whites. The pearls are making their way to center stage and not just as accessories but as accents on garments and even for your nails! A pearl represents beauty, purity and above all femininity.


I love the softness this piece exudes. Beautifully soft white cashmere with drops of white pearls to accent the shoulders. It is the perfect Christmas/New Years sweater.


Look at this detailing! Gold and white pearls? Please and thank you!


Now, I’m not too crazy about the straight all-pearl-necklace (though it’s growing on me) my respects to Ms. Chanel. But I love how bold the pearls are in this piece. It creates a dramatic feel with both chains and pearls intertwined.


Cute! So dainty and precious. They’re like little dot candies for your finger nails :).


When did decking out your hair go out of style? I’d like to see it come back…in a big way. These pearl pins are such a cute number to top off a look.