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Ra Ra Shish Kum Bah

28 Dec

Take the shish kum bah out and add the Avis.  What do you get?  RARA AVIS.  Lately, I’ve been coming across things that don’t necessarily make sense but that we accept and deem fashionable.  I have to remind myself that not all things fashion, makes sense.  So to the eyes that see weird, strange and ugly, others see beautiful, trendy and for lack of a better word, cool.  Who better to represent the Rara Avis phenomenon than the rare bird herself, Iris Apfel.  Anyone who knows anything about Iris, knows she is a prevailing innovator that has put her mark on the fashion world as we know it.  Pretty remarkable to do if you ask me.  With her ever growing empire of make-up, jewelry and handbags, she is now launching a shoe line with HSN.  We as fashion forward goers/thinkers have ways to influence each other in our own right.  Some might not realize, that (as we virtually tweet, instagram, Facebook, pinterest, style tag, etc) we put our mark on the fashion world.  We give and take from others sense of fashion/style to create interpretations we see fit to oneself.  It is inspiring even thinking about it let alone actually doing.  Iris Apfel created an avenue that would lead every fashion conscious consumer to be a little more daring, to be a little more out-of-the-box and that much more fearless in risk taking.  So, I dedicate this post to Ms. Iris Apfel because if it wasn’t for her, the word ECCENTRIC, would have no substance within its terminology, now would it?


“When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t think like everyone else.” – Iris Apfel


[Rara Avis Collection: Blue and White Beaded Stretch Bracelet]


[Rara Avis Collection: “Gator Glamour” Bypass Ring]


[Rara Avis Collection: “Owl on Branch” Goldtone Ring]


[Rara Avis Collection: Crystal Black Matte Bird-Design Ring]


[Rara Avis Collection: Crystal Heart Goldtone Cutout Pin]


[Rara Avis Collection: Geometric Wood and Gold-Color Foil Beaded Drape Necklace]


[Rara Avis Collection: Gold-Color Foil Sculpted Bangle Bracelet]


[Rara Avis Collection: Resin “Bug” Bangle Bracelet]


[Rara Avis Collection: Smoking Loafer with Sequined Bird]


[Rara Avis Collection: Pointy Toe Flat]


[Rara Avis Collection: Snake Moccasin]


[Rara Avis Collection: Suede Sequined Smoking Loafer]


[Rara Avis Collection: Suede Cone Heel]


[MAC make up collection by Iris Apfel]
Iris Apfel Handbag Collection Extinction at Henri Bendel

[“Extinctions” Collection by Iris Apfel]


It’s Britney, Bi***…

6 Nov

NO?  Really?  You’re kidding?  Seriously? O.M.G!  BREAKING NEWS: Britney Spears may or may not be in discussion with HarperCollins about a potential novel of events from her own living experiences.  Skeptics – back off and get real.  Whether you like or dislike (which is outrageous/impossible since everyone loves and wants to hear all about her good or bad fortunes), Ms. Spears, we all know everyone will be rushing/ordering this novel if it actually goes through.  Im a Ride-or-Die-Chick when it comes to Britney so whether this is an epic success or an epic fail, don’t worry Brit-Brit, I still love ya ;)!



True Britney fans stick by her.  True Britney fans root for her when all is rooting against her.  True Britney fans want success for her.  BUT TRUE BRITNEY FANS, have loved her from day one and have never looked back.  I’d like to think of myself as a TRUE Britney fan.  I am so over the moon with this news I received literally 10 mins. ago that I need to jump on and rant my love for Britney!  Do I love her too much? Eh, YES!  I’m a moderate reader of books as it is and this will be on my MUST READ when and if it does get published.