Take Me Away…

26 Dec

Since I am stuck in Los Angeles this New Years, I’ll just have to fantasize where I’d rather be.  I’m thinking more tranquil, more rustic and more down-to-earth.  I remember as a kid growing up, I use to hate going up to my parents’ mountain house in the Poconos.  The closest thing to human civilization was a thirty minute drive and as a kid with no car,  it wasn’t a fun time for me.  As I’ve grown, I have come to understand why an escape to a secluded haven was so desirable.  It’s such places that keep you grounded.  They are stables to which you are able to reconnect with oneself, to sort your priorities and to clear out all that barricades the mind when in a daily routine.  I would love to be in that same Pocono house which I’ve frowned upon for so long, this New Years.  To be able to sit back, read a book, drink a cup of coffee (or more appropriately, tea 😉 ) all while taking in the views which surround you would be my ultimate New Years.  A time for fresh beginnings and fresh attitudes.  Goodbye 2012, hello 2013.


[Chinti and Parker: cashmere sweater]  I’ve seen a similar sweater at Forever21 and fell in love.  Regrettably, I didn’t pick it up at the time but that’s why we are blessed to have internet shopping carts :).


[Coach: fur vest]  Every time I come across anything fur, I think, Rachel Zoe.  This is perfect on top of the (above) cashmere sweater!


[Classic skinny blue jeans]  Blue jeans are always an essential to have.  You can either play them down or play them up.  Either way, it’s uncomplicated.


[Tabitha Simmons: early boot]  I want!  I want!  This boot screams country-comfy!  It’s the perfect boot to relax in or do work in.


[Earthy costume jewelry]  No need for glitzy-glam jewels here.  Something more casual and easy to throw on is key when trying to come off “effortless.”

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