Blister Free – Guaranteed.

14 Nov

Every female has a pair of heels that she is in love with, that never leave the shelf.  Why do these shoes never leave?  Pain in the…ankle!  Fret no more, girlfriends.  The socks are here! What a relief.  I’m hoping this little trend rides out until summer 2013 for the sake of my little ankles and toesies.  The ultimate combo of rocking the heel while your foot is thanking you for doing so.  There is really no restriction on the type of sock that should be matched with your preferred heel, platform, flat, etc.  Whatever your shoe of choice is, don’t be afraid to go a little cray with the choice of your sock :).


[Marc by Marc Jacobs – Fall 2012]

Mixed it up!  Go balls-to-the-wall with all the possibilities of mixing and matching.


[Victoria Beckham – Fall 2012 RTW]


2 Responses to “Blister Free – Guaranteed.”

  1. Googalee November 19, 2012 at 10:58 pm #

    Fo sho girlfran! Nothing like a good pair of socks to catch the eye of the cute gray guy who lives in my apartment! I love when I slink past him with my new pink polka dot socks on and he chases after me!

  2. Penny December 2, 2012 at 6:39 am #

    Totally googalee! Btw what does that name mean?! Anyway, anyone can tell you, that I am obsessed with socks. It’s actually more of an OCD thing, because I don’t like to get my feet dirty, but that’s for another time! As I was saying, I love wearing socks around the house and obviously with all my close toed shoes, but I’m not quite sure if I would do them with sandals or pumps! Kinda strange to me, but maybe I’ll get out of my comfort zone and try the new fad!

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