Leather or Pleather?

13 Nov

Whether it’s really pleather pretending to be leather, who cares!  When I first came across the leather pant, I’m not going to lie, I was NOT a fan.  I didn’t truly know if I could dig the whole leather thing clinging to my legs while giving a possible bunchy – dare I say it? – crotch … but it’s growing one me.  Take that with a grain of salt people.  I am only interested in the, suck-it-in, I-can’t-breath type of leather pant.  Otherwise, you’ll have a huge issue with that bunch I just talked about ;).

[Zero + Maria Cornejo leather pant]

As tight as it gets without splitting your pants…I’ll snag me a pair if you don’t mind!  I love the color Zero + Maria use for these pants.  I feel as though it is subtle enough to play the casual card but with a hint of rebel (seeing as though they do have that slight sheen that the leather gives off).

[Tory Burch Imogene leather]

But here is a prime example of something you won’t catch me wearing.  It’s not the color but it is the length, the cut, the stitching…ALRIGHT it’s everything!  This does nothing for ANYONES shape.  And, quite frankly it looks like un-moisturized skin.  I could say worse but I won’t.  So, if you love this – great.  If you don’t – I’m with ya!


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