Who Needs Weapons, When You Have Shoes?

3 Nov

Talk about killer heels!  These bad boys are unreal!  If this isn’t GAGA status, I don’t know what is.  If you’re feeling tough, wear these.  If your feeling B.A., wear these.  Or if you’re feeling not so pretty, DEFINITELY wear these.  I’ve never seen a more fun and wearable shoe, before now.  Can these spikes be just a trend?  I hope not!  I want them in the classic category along with my little black dress and red Jimmy Choo’s.


Ah, the bootie shoe.  By far the most comfortable heels ever worn.  If they didn’t stand out before then they sure do now.  These spikes are quickly beginning to take over all shoe types and I’m SHhhhhlikin’ it!  I think I’ll deck myself out in black and go for a stroll in a dark ally somewhere.  No one would dare mess with me…would they?


What’s wrong with this picture? Ooooh ooh, I know, I know! THE HEEL.  Where’d ya go, my two little height projectors?  Looks like the souls or going solo this time.  If you can’t do the 5” heel, I don’t recommend doing an infinity” heel while preforming a balancing act.  CONSUMERS BE WARNED.


These shoes should come with a warning sign themselves; “Caution: Be careful when crossing legs or you’ll end up with a peg-leg.”


Taking the combat boot to a whole new level!  Please hand me my light grey acid washed skinny jeans with my ripped Pink Floyd (off the should) tee and lets call it a day, shall we?  I can’t get enough of these shoes.

           [Steve Maddens…and they are all mine :).  Best purchase of the season…so far]


3 Responses to “Who Needs Weapons, When You Have Shoes?”

  1. Googalee November 5, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

    Hi LAM! These are fantastic! Do you know if Steve Madden makes any peep toe variations? I’d love a pair that would show off my fancy pink nail caps!

  2. Penny November 8, 2012 at 4:11 am #

    Uh-mazing, to die for, insane in the membrane. That’s all.


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    […] mind; however, a specific one that does is the stud trend.  I’m obsessed with studs/spikes on shoes, clothing, jewelry pieces, etc.  It’s just a Lady Gaga thing (in my opinion) to […]

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