24 Oct

Rachel Zoe’s, Resort 2013 collection, makes me want to dress up everyday for the rest of my life.  Practical and function?  Uh, yes!  With a light color pallete and a splash of hue, Zoe makes a statement with the women-at-work look.  I love how wearable her clothes can be.  She always knows how to make an outfit look like a day/night get up.

I adore the exposure of the printed under blouse with the mustard colored 3/4 sleeve blazer.  It makes the outfit have a slight edgy/peek-a-boo flare.  And can I just say, the wood like texture on the pant and blazer are TO DIE ;).  (Looks 1)


These pieces are straight timeless.  You can’t go wrong with the black and white combo.  It’s the ultimate DO.  These two Looks check all the right boxes.  (Looks 8)

Anything dealing with vertical lines … sign me up!  Being 5’5″, it definitely helps create an illusion of being taller than I actually am.  Slap on those hooker heels and I’ll be the next fifty-foot woman!  Now, I am not really a fan of the cuffed cropped leg but with that slight hammer time looseness (that’s not too badly baggy where it looks like I took a you know what in) that Zoe has presented, I am SO game to (try) and rock it!  (Looks 14)

Compliment me please!  These two (orange and blue) complimentary colors are by all means on target.  I love the slouchiness and comfiness of this Look.  If I could rock a hoody and sweats all year round I would, but lets get real, looking good is to feeling good, no?  This outfit is definitely hitting those points.  Now I can sit at work feeling nice and bummy while looking chic and chummy!  (Look 20)


One Response to “BANANAS”

  1. Steffi October 27, 2012 at 11:47 pm #

    “Now I can sit at work feeling nice and bummy while looking chic and chummy!” —love this line, made me giggle! 🙂

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